About Our Program:

We strive to offer a fun and relaxed atmosphere while helping our riders to achieve their absolute best. All of our horses are individually selected for their temperament and abilities in order to help each student learn and be successful. Our barn is full of wonderful people who put the care of each horse as the absolute top priority. Whether you just want to enhance your skills as a rider, or you want to compete, we welcome you to Southern Heritage Farm as a great place to meet friendly people who share your passion for horses!

Meet our Trainer:


Tosh Bledsoe is a lifelong horsewoman with more than thirty years of experience teaching riders of all ages and levels. She enjoys riding every day and showing her horses, but her primary focus is on helping others learn how to safely enjoy horses and riding.

Lesson plans are structured and solid basics are stressed, they are also a blast! Every lesson ends with a real feeling of accomplishment by giving each student the opportunity to choose something they want to do such as riding backwards, raising that jump height one more hole, or cantering without hands!

Contact Tosh today to discuss what your goals are in riding. Wether that be having fun on trail rides, learning to jump, competing in horse shows, or riding bareback – whatever your goals are, Tosh wants to help you reach them!

Tosh Bledsoe
(540) 847-1849

Lesson Prices

A La Carte

1 time lesson price, pay as you go.

$60 – Hour Private Lesson

$45 – Semi-Private Lesson or 30 minute Private Lesson

$35 – Hour Group Lesson

Monthly Packages

Save big with a lesson package! Paid up front, includes 1 lesson a week for 4 weeks at set time.

$200 – Monthly Private Lesson

$150 – Monthly┬áSemi-Private Lesson or 30 minute Private Lesson

$120 – Monthly Group Package